Filmtank is always building new bridges.

Curiosity, daring and international experience are our armaments in the world of storytelling. We interweave cinema films, TV films, web and mobile formats, virtual reality and installations to cross-media experiences. We create flying carpets, where the audience can interactively explore new areas.
Computer hacking, for example, affects everyone of us, but is abstract, far away, incomprehensible. In the internationally award-winning production netwars / out of CTRL, we have edited the theme in different formats and staged it crossmedially. The risks become real, tangible, understandable. The audience participates.

We have started with high-quality, international documentary films for cinema and television, and we are still producing them. For several years now, these experiences have also helped us to find new, interactive narrative forms. This is how Interactive Graphic Novels, Games, Webdocumentations and transformations for the three-dimensional space are created. We bring together the old masters and the young inventors. This creates internationally award-winning works and new perspectives.

Our bridge heads are located in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart. We keep on building.


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