Inside Tumucumaque

Installations and VR Inside Tumucumaque

Inside Tumucumaque as part of the “Deltas” project

The Virtual Reality installation takes you straight to a clearing in the middle of the Brazilian rainforest and gives visitors a unique change of perspective from human to animal: how do Black Caiman, Harpy, Vampire Bat, Poison Frog and Goliath Tarantula perceive their surroundings?

An immersive experience based on scientific findings

All elements of the virtual world of Inside Tumucumaque are based on scientific findings. Models, textures and animations of plants and living things were developed together with renowned natural scientists of the Museum of Natural History Berlin. Thus, the perception of the animals was interpreted as a sensual experience that is comprehensible to the human perception system.
The intensive experiences in the virtual reality convey scientific knowledge playful and exciting, they make curious on the underlying research and promote the interest in nature and science.

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In April 2018, the VR experience “Inside Tumucumaque” premiered at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. In autumn 2018, the installation tours internationally: Stockholm, London, New York. Further events in the US and Europe are planned.



If you want to have a look Inside Tumucumaque you can visit the Silbersalz Festival in Halle (Saale). The installation will be at the Moritzburg in the heart of the city from 20. - 23.6.2019.


A coproduction with
Interactive Media Foundation 

Executive Producer
Diana Schniedermeier

Creative Director
Ina Krüger, Patrik de Jong

Concept Artist
Dirk Hoffmann

Design und Development
Artificial Rome

Michael Grotenhoff, Saskia Kress

In Cooperation with
Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Funded by
MFG Baden-Württemberg
medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg