Trips to Hell

Documentary Trips to Hell

The film deals with the story of Christiane and Joerg. Two people who have one thing in common: Going through the hell of drug addiction.

Joerg lives in Hamburg, he is a journalist and works for Spiegel and Zeit. He has been drug addicted for twenty years and led a double life between journalism and heroin addiction. It has been a few years since he had overcome his addiction. Within this film he tells us about managing to kick his drug habit and which effect the addiction that lasted over decades has on his life.

Christiane is a bookseller. The single mother of two daughters has been addicted to drugs since 30 years. Despite a methadone programme she is not able to conquer heroin. Her only hope is to get synthetically produced heroin, called Diamorphine, on prescription as soon as possible.

Wilma Pradetto shows both paths into addiction, depicts everyday life with drugs and the attempt to still cope with life. Christiane and Joerg let us know what it means to lead a double life for years. To maintain a “life in order”, whilst living on the edge. Parents, children and colleagues share their fears, hardships and their pain.

80 mins. and 45 mins.


Written and directed by Wilma Pradetto
DoP: Michael Hammon, Eike Zuleeg, Michael Dreyer
Edited by Thomas Wellmann
Sound: Ivonne Gärber, Jürgen Schönhoff, Jan Schmiedt

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