We hack Germany

Documentary We hack Germany

The ARD film by Marcel Kolvenbach is the sequel to the netwars documentary “War on the Web”.
The “Internet of Things” is now moving into our four walls, with the big promise of more personal security. The film “We hack Germany” shows how deceptive this promise is.

60 Mins.
SWR, NDR, WDR, BR, rbb

Press quotes

Attention, Germany has been hacked - in an impressive way!


...because the collected facts speak for themselves - even without their cinematic aggravation.


The authors have succeeded in creating an optically vivid representation of the subject.

Frankfurter Rundschau


Written and Directed by: Marcel Kolvenbach, Michael Richter

DoP: Peter Gröne, Christian Eichenauer

Edited by: Lars Billert