Yin and Yang in Bavaria

Documentary Yin and Yang in Bavaria

The district hospital Ottobeuren is a busy clinic with an emergency room and stationary patients. The everyday routine is hectic, but the atmosphere is friendly – like in one of the hospitals so familiar to us from popular medical soaps such as St. Angela. There is a difference, though: Ottobeuren has it’s own ward for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). So it’s not surprising that Huber Schorsch, who may have just wanted a prescription for some painkillers, ends up at the mercy of a Chinese nurse, who surprises him with a disgusting brown infusion. The patients aren’t the only ones who are confronted with unusual methods. Some of the doctors made the trip from china in order to work in the clinic and have to adjust to the structures their new environment confronts them with.
Set within the daily events of a unique clinic, this series of documentary mini-dramas describes a little bit of China in Allgaü - and provides more than just medical insights about East and West.


5x27 mins.
ZDF/ Arte


Written by Thomas Tielsch and Julia Berg
Directed by Andreas Pichler
Photographed by Istvan Imreh
Edited by Annette Muff