Beauty within us

Creative Documentary Beauty within us

The American Jock Sturges is internationally considered one of the most important photographers working in portraiture. His enduring theme is girls from childhood and puberty up to early adulthood.
The state of nudity that Jock Sturges photographs is not the nudity of being unclothed. His models are not disrobed; Sturges shows nakedness as a natural state. This is why he predominantly takes photographs where nudity might be called a natural condition: on the nudist beaches of Europe. Jock Sturges spends his summers here, has known many of his models and their families for years, and his photos are born of this intimacy.
But although Jock Sturges pursues a classical aesthetic of beauty in his pictures, his work is nonetheless controversial since it touches upon a taboo subject: the erotic aura that children and teenagers sometimes exude. For this reason, Sturges has been charged in the USA as a child-pornographer, though not convicted, and in Europe, too, there have been problems when his pictures have been exhibited.
A film about the beauty and the moral values we have within us.
featuring Jock Sturges, Carla van de Puttelaar and Jean-Christophe Ammann.


52 mins.
ZDF/ Arte