Dad made dirty movies

Documentary Dad made dirty movies

Stephen Apostolof, fled from communistic Bulgaria, came to the USA in the fifties. There he became a sex film director, chairman of the Bulgarian-Orthodox church of Los Angeles and father of five children.
His career as star director of erotic entertainment films began in the middle of the sixties in Hollywood with the pseudonym A.C. Stephen in midst of the prime time for sexploitation. With the support of his close friend, director and transvestite Ed Wood, A.C. Stephen shot absurd erotic films full of bizarre characters.
Sexploitation films originated in a period when presenting nude bodies at the cinemas was unimaginable. Their makers reacted on new needs of a transforming society as regards politics and social aspects. And they disappeared within the liberalization of pornography in the seventies, a paradigm shift in the USA. As pious family man A.C. Stephen did not want to contribute to this new genre. His career ended, and he disappeared in the mist of own created myths.

57 mins.


Written and directed by Jordan Todorov
DoP: Boris Missirkov, Georgi Bogdanov
Edited by Kevork Aslanyan
In co-production with AGITPROP and ZDF, in co-operation with Arte