Conquest of the Seven Seas - Documentary

Documentary Conquest of the Seven Seas - Documentary

Ferdinand Magellan and Francis Drake were no adventurers at all? But what did the two circumnavigators do instead? Two of today’s researchers search through the archives, trying to reveal the true purpose of the missions of Magellan and Drake. They reinterpret old and new sources. The result of this profound, documentary search for traces: Both explorers were on their way on behalf of their sovereigns. The goal: nothing less than the world domination. In a never-before-seen aesthetic with 3-D animations and digitally edited reenactments, this documentation shows that today’s globalization had already begun in these times.

2x52 mins.
ZDF/ Arte


Written and directed by Holger Preusse, Hannes Schuler
Produced by fernsehbüro
Co-produced by Filmtank, Inicia Films and ZDF
Supported by Arte, servus TV, nordmedia, MFG Baden-Württemberg and FFHSH