Down to the Bone

Creative Documentary Down to the Bone

The documentary describes the diverse manifestations of the philosophy and commemoration of martyrdom in the 20th century: from the convoluted path that the holy wind (jap: kamikaze) followed from the Far East to the Near East; from the martyr-soldiers of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Shiite self-hostage dramas; from the pompous processions with which the Catholic Church honours its founder, who not only wished to redeem his people through self-sacrifice, but further intended to save the entire world. The film also portrays those courageous and admirable people who defend their neighbours, their religion and their moral convictions, without any sense of mission, in the most adverse circumstances; people who become witnesses of what Erich Fromm described as “The height people can reach, where the truth is stronger than violence.
From 20th century, the film embarks on a gripping exploration of the history of martyrdom in monotheist religions. For on closer inspection,it is easy to detect traces of this history on the battlefields of the contemporary conflicts.


52 mins.
ZDF/ Arte


**Writer and director: **Thomas Tielsch
Director of Photography: Niels Bolbrinker
Edited by Anke Wiesenthal, Thomas Tielsch
In co-production with ZDF/ Arte