Second Hand Road

Documentary Second Hand Road

A T-shirt travels around the world
A remote village somewhere in Tanzania. On a dusty road, a group of young boys play football. One of the players catches the eye especially, because of the bright yellow football shirt he’s wearing. On closer inspection, it bears the insignia of a football club in Northern Germany. How did this T-shirt get from Western Europe to East Africa? What were the stages on its way from the First World to the Third, from a first-hand to a second-hand item?
The film assumes the perspective of a traveller from Europe to Africa to tell of the adventurous journey taken by an item of clothing from north to south. What is donated here in the name of charity or simply discarded in one of the collection bins for old clothing finds its way into the mysterious distribution channels of dealers operating worldwide.


52 mins.
NDR/ Arte



Globo d’Oro 2005 (Italy)


Written by Ilaria de Laurentiis and Raffaele Brunetti
Directed by Raffaele Brunetti
Photographed by Gianni Maitan
Edited by Ilaria de Laurentiis
A co-production with B&B Film and NDR/ Arte