Frogs & Friends Interactive Trip

Interactive Webdoc Frogs & Friends Interactive Trip

Visitors are sent onto a journey of discovery through the world of frogs, toads and salamanders, from the origins of terrestrial life right up to the present day. Immersed in artfully illustrated surroundings, accompanied by a narrator and given orientation by renowned experts and infographics, the viewers navigate through a world of wonder that is threatening to disappear before our very eyes.



Idee und Creative Direction: Lena Thiele (Miiqo Studios UG)
Art Direction und Design: Sebastian Baurmann (Miiqo Studios UG)
Konzeptionelle und wissenschaftliche Beratung: Björn Encke (Frogs&Friends) und Heiko Werning
Frogs & Friends e.V./ Björn Encke
Frogs & Friends ist eine Produktion der Filmtank GmbH, gefördert durch die Interactive Media Foundation gGmbH