Ice Girls

Creative Documentary Ice Girls

Ice Girls is about a triangular relationship within the microcosm of figure skating, a world of pressure, competition and projection. Lisa, who defines herself in terms of her sport, is plagued by adolescent self-doubt while her younger sister, Sophie, seems able to achieve all things with ease.
Their mother, driven on by her own unfulfilled dreams, attempts to abet her elder daughter by assisting and indulging her. But the more she tries to help, the worse she seems to fail.
Observations of a fragile, interwoven relationships whose protagonists repel without release and attract without growing close.

60 mins.



Visions du Réel Nyon 2015
exposed film festival Cologne 2015
39th Duisburg Film Week


Screenplay, Director: Lin Sternal
Director of Photography: Julia Hönemann
Montage: Katharina Fiedler