My Summer with Bobby

Creative Documentary My Summer with Bobby

Bobby leaves Bosnia for Germany as a young man. He is bold and daring. He used to be part of the “underworld”, appeared in “High Society” gossip columns and today plants plum trees on his forefathers land for the nototrious Slivovica. In the ruins next door, left from the war that raged through his homeland and his village, the former inhabitants hold picnics.
One war, three marriages, three children. Bobbys son Carlo is cameraman. It is his idea to go to Bosnia, to make the film about his father. The bars, the wild songs, the pool and of course Slivovica at nine in the morning. But he really wants more. He wants to know why his father left him when he was twelve. And he wants him to come back.
Fathers and sons, war and peace, food and drink. Nothing grand, just the course
of normal life. Jebiga - Fuck it.

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60 mins.



Written and directed by Alexander Schimpke
DoP: Carlo Jelavic
Editor: Alexander Schimpke, Sylke Rohrlach
Sound: Daniel Golem
In co-production with Filmakademie Ludwigsburg and SWR.
Funded by MFG Baden-Wuerttemberg