Willi and the Wonder Toad

Children's Film Willi and the Wonder Toad

Willi has made many journeys, but hardly one with such a dazzling destination. He wants to immerse himself in the multifaceted, colorful and amazing world of amphibians, a world in which there are frogs that are brightly coloured or transparent, those that can fly, give a sign to their fellow species, raise their young in their mouths, or produce the sun cream with which they then rub themselves.

His 11-year-old neighbour Luna and her grandmother, a mysterious old lady and amphibian scientist, instigated him on this journey. In her office in the Natural History Museum, which is filled with old folios and stuffed animals, he also read about the wonder toad Bufo Magicus, who is ancient and wise, who can change shape and predict the future, an animal that somehow resembles Luna’s grandmother, or not…

Admittedly: The Wonder Toad doesn’t exist. It is part of the fiction that drives the world explorer Willi Weitzel into this adventure. Willi, on the other hand, is real, the children know and love him, a questioner and tester, just as real as the places, animals and some of the people he will meet on this journey.

The film is part of the cross-media project Frogs & Friends, which has already started and is being continuously expanded in cooperation with international zoos.

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Theatrical release 12. May 2022

A coproduction of Filmtank and Interactive Media Foundation.
The Interactive Media Foundation is a non-profit GmbH.

Funded by:
MOIN Filmförderung
Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg
Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung
Deutscher Filmförderfonds

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Film distribution Majestic. Premiere 2022



Premiere 1. October 2021 as opening feature film of “MICHEL - Kinder- und Jugendfilmfests” at the “Filmfest Hamburg”
In competition/category feature film - Goldener Spatz


Written and Directed by: Markus Dietrich
After a treatment from Kai Rönnau, Oliver Keidel, Thomas Tielsch and Dominik Wessely