The Painter Otto Dix

Documentary film The Painter Otto Dix

A volunteer soldier in 1914 and witness to the rise of Nazism in 1933, the German painter Otto Dix depicted the ravages and horrors of war. With unsparing lucidity, he portrayed scenes that are disturbing and shocking. Art was his weapon. The master who said, “I need courage to paint ugliness,” rendered the chaos around him in a manner both brutally honest and humane.
Under the inquisitive gaze of award winner filmmaker Jennifer Alleyn, this film explores the shady side of the Roaring Twenties, the writings of Nietzsche, and our relationship to truth.

52 mins.
NDR/ Arte


29è Festival International du Film sur l’art, Montréal


Screenwriter and director: Jennifer Alleyn
D.O.P.: Sébastien Gros, Jennifer Alleyn
Editing: Natacha Dufaux
In co-production with Echo Media, NDR/ Arte