The Butterfly Attack

Graphic Novel App The Butterfly Attack

The year 2017: Europe’s top military officers employ a team of elite hackers. By order of the EU, they conduct a secret cross-border cyberwar exercise. But what started out as a simulation, suddenly becomes deadly serious.

The story is anything but science fiction. The scenario is alarmingly realistic.

“The Butterfly Attack” is available in German, English, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.

3 episodes/ graphic novel app


Press quotes

...stunning series

The Guardian

… Also in the application for mobile devices that combines a graphic novel and game, users virtually participate in a possible cyberwar. Its cross-media expression through plural formats enables us to feel that the danger of netwars is quite real.

Japan Prize 2014


Script: M. Sean Coleman
Adaption: Verena Klinke
Creative Direction, Art Direction: Felix Mertikat
Funded by MBB Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg