Ninette - Thin is never thin enough

Interactive Comic Ninette - Thin is never thin enough

Drawn with a light touch and a love of detail, this interactive comic tells the moving story of 14-year-old Janette: how she becomes anorexic but manages to recover from her illness with therapeutic help and the support of her family and friends.

In 11 episodes with lively illustrations we accompany Janette on the way to finding her own identity.

This striking comic is supplemented by additional information in the form of articles, podcasts and interactive tests which have been developed in cooperation with prestigious experts.

With an attractive modern design and presented in a sensitive way, this interactive comic adopts an objective approach, providing an analysis and explanation of the subject of anorexia, which is often still taboo, and makes a significant contribution to its prevention.

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11 x 10 mins.


Press quotes

A graphic novel worth watching.

c't 21/2016

New consultation platform: How comics prevent eating disorders


This interactive comic shows how fast an eating disorder can develop with adolescents. Very informative and exciting!


A new way of prevention

Report Psychologie


Director: Maya Puig
Writer: Michaela Beck
Storyboards: Barbara Yelin
Creation: Studio Sidekick
Additional expertise and input by Waage e.V., ANAD e.V. und Frankfurter Zentrum für Ess-Störungen gGmbH
A project of the Interactive Media Foundation gGmbH, produced by Filmtank GmbH. This project has been made possible by Ingvild Goetz Philanthropy.