Fresh Art Daily

Documentary film Fresh Art Daily

When the New York painter Steve Keene paints in a museum in public and sells his pictures afterwards, you can witness scenes reminiscent of the winter sales of the sixties: hundreds of people pushing and shoving to get to the walls covered with pictures, then comparing, swapping, quarrelling as the walls are swiftly stripped bare.
Steve Keene paints each one of his pictures about forty times. In this way, he produces around one hundred originals a day, each of which he sells for between five and ten dollars. There are now some 70,000 of his works spread across America, and Keene continues to work tirelessly at his project: art for everyone. Paintings like CDs.
Fresh Art Daily is following the forty paintings of a single subject on their way through American landscapes, myths and clichés, through the banal, curious and perhaps unexpectedly adventurous everyday life of the Americans, finishing ist journey with Steve Keene in the New York underground culture. Following the trail of a picture, we ourselves will produce a picture of America.


78 mins.


Internationales Forum des Jungen Films / Berlinale 2004
Filmfest Hamburg 2004
Intern. Festival of Fine Arts Szolnok Hungary


Written and directed by Thomas Schlottmann and Andreas Geiger
With Jan Peters
Photographed by Marcus Winterbauer
Edited by Sandra Trostel and Thomas Schlottmann
Supported by Filmförderung Hamburg
A co-production with ZDF/ Arte