The Gardens of Eden

Documentary film The Gardens of Eden

The assumed no man’s land between expressways, industrial areas, quarry ponds and disused triangular junctions is inhabited by people who are claiming this space for themselves in order to set up their very own unique world.
Here we find hermits nurturing cabbalistic rose gardens, others who live in giant black bungalows that hide behind bushes and a village that apparently is forgotten by the rest of the world and whose children are playing in the forest of fear.
In the periphery there is a lot of space which is up for grabs. The protagonists of this film use the openness and „shapeability“ of this urban wilderness to their own advantage. But their paradise is endangered, not just because of the conditions and obstacles accompanying their life on the edge of civilization.
Because everyone casts a shadow upon entering paradise.

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60 mins.


Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2010, Stranger Than Fiction 2011


Writers and directors: Joerg Haassengier, Juergen Bruegger
Director of Photography: Sven O. Hill
Edited by Gesa Marten
In co-production with ZDF/Kleines Fernsehspiel.
Supported by Filmstiftung NW, Filmfoerderung Hamburg and Kuratorium junger deutscher Film